Fixing Shadows
Memorial culture in Hiroshima. The starting point of this photographic strollology is an almost invisible, surprisingly discreet cenotaph, which marks the hypo-center of the devastating atomic explosion of Little Boy, which changed the world on August 6, 1945 just 200 meters above this point. Fixing Shadows is a series that follows symbols and terms to historical traces, observes consternation and tourist self-assurance and describes the inbetween. A meander on an island of memory, in the middle of this city, whose heart beats between trauma and blunt economic functioning.

Scout Niblett /
a star

If you never heard Scout’s music, just order all of her recordings...
And while you keep browsing my website, click here and let her solo show guide you.
A picture of her boyfriend kissing her 2008 can be found in my Born in Brennen book. Five years later I had the chance to give her a copy of my book and do some portraits, off and on stage in Munich.  It’s Up to Emma 2013 was the last album, nowadays you can book an astrology star reading by her. ✶✴︎☆

Everyday Obama, Japan.
An essay about this little town with its special name, that for a while placed this unremarkable place differently on the map.
The city's mascot is a cat wearing a mackerel in her tummy bag.

Japan Times 2013:
“The mayor of Obama, Fukui Prefecture, has asked Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to give a lacquered pen to U.S. President Barack Obama as a gift for his second inauguration. Abe will present the red lacquered pen, a local specialty, and a letter from Mayor Koji Matsuzaki when he holds a summit with Obama in Washington next week. Meeting with Abe in Tokyo on Thursday, Matsuzaki also gave the prime minister a pen, but in a different color. “I want (them) to write a line in the new diplomatic history of Japan and the United States,” the mayor told reporters after the meeting in Abe’s office. “I hope our pens will be used when they sign signatures or something.” When Obama became president in 2009, the city sent lacquered chopsticks to him to congratulate him on his inauguration and received a thank-you letter in return.”

Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) /
Liegames 2011

Last day of Toyko 2020/2021 Olympics is a good occasion to upload a small Olympic version that I photographed 10 years ago in Liechtenstein. The charming amateur version of an international sportsevent... 
There are nine members of the European Olympic Committees with fewer than one million inhabitants. 
Usually these countrys have no chance to win any Olympic Medal, though now in Tokyo the 5 Athletes from San Marino won 3 Medals.
Upon initiative by the NOC of Malta, in 1985 the Association launched the first edition of the Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE), which was organised in San Marino. Since then, this multi sports event reserved for the athletes from 9 european countries with less than one million inhabitants, has taken place regularly every two years, with growing success.
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