Jörg Koopmann
Nu / Now / Jetzt

Since 1990 I curiously follow arts and media, with a strong focus on photography.  I gladly found ways and niches to make that my profession, combining the practical and the theoretical fields in many versions.
Terms and labels of photographer, artist, curator, publisher, writer, director, photobookcollector or teacher – all find its place, reason and time. The connections and routines in and between these disciplines are what shapes and interests me most. Multitude, serendipity and serenity guided and helped me through many diverting years.

I like layers and a decent complexity in my projects, content-driven with obvious but small details, knowledge to enrich narratives and intuition alike, a second sight and a third thought.
I am enthusiastic in finding and presenting works of others and get shy in promoting my own works.
A friend called me a stubborn romantic, and often words and observations from outside are less filtered than my own perception.
I hope this website offers a useful overview on themes and ways I worked on, and I would be happy if it encourages you to get in contact and find places and ideas we can share.
Always happy to work on new project...

The little Video in the background follows a moment with the amazing Hochzeitskapelle, blended with the Tenniscoats. If you get curious about the sound, click to vimeo here.
Feel free to use my materials on this site for your own uncommercial sake and interrest, but if you try to keep or collect karma points, please keep me informed and ask about using images or texts etc for any external or commercial purposes... In and for creative fields, respect is as important as sharing and spreading. 👀️

And though this site has no web-shop buttons, just email me if you are interested in any of my works.
I do have books and nice prints and more to sell, or swap. Just write. Direct, fair and honest trade is always welcome...

Jörg Koopmann 4/’21

PS: respect animals, actively! thanks

yes, i spend too much time on instagram
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