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Fixing Shadows
Memorial culture in Hiroshima. The starting point of this photographic strollology is an almost invisible, surprisingly discreet cenotaph, which marks the hypo-center of the devastating atomic explosion of Little Boy, which changed the world on August 6, 1945 just 200 meters above this point. Fixing Shadows is a series that follows symbols and terms to historical traces, observes consternation and tourist self-assurance and describes the inbetween. A meander on an island of memory, in the middle of this city, whose heart beats between trauma and blunt economic functioning.

Shooting towards perfect liberty /
Picturing architecture and the city

Shooting towards perfect liberty is a series of 21 images from Tondabayashi/ Japan
The photos have 21 (sub)titles that are linked to the 21 precepts that refer to the tower that appears someplace in every single image. The series circles around the worlds tallest cenotaph, a peace memorial that is hardly known anywhere. The Great Peace Prayer Tower, is designated for the souls of all war victims in history, regardless of race, ethnic group, sovereign state, border, region, religion, religious denomination and creed.

Catalog and exhibition:
ZOOM! – Picturing architecture and the city.
Curated by Hilde Strobl,
exhibition at Pinakothek der Moderne Munich and Architecturecenter Vienna,
catalog published by Walther König 2015

Freiraum M2030 /
Department of urban planning München

Photographing in the city limits of a constantly growing city, this series explores the important qualities of space into urban planning.
“The long-term development of open spaces in Munich was the focus of the 2016 annual exhibition. What can open spaces do in a densely built-up, growing city? What can all be or become free space and for whom? The concept report “Freiraum München 2030”, commissioned by the Department for Urban Planning and Building Regulations, deals with these questions. Based on the expert opinion, the exhibition presented central aspects of open space planning and showed approaches for the future.”

Radiant Recuperation / Geomantic places 

A brief filed research into places of particular energies. These hidden spots show traces of rituals of people that have fine antennas and knowledge about invisible powers in nature places, known as geomantic places or Kraftorte.
I walked to some of these spots with my 8x10 inch camera to document some spots around Munich.

Geomancy is an ancient art of discovering power-centres and creating powerful places. The word, geomancy or geomantics, comes from the Greek γέωμάντάίά (geomantaía) meaning „divination of the earth“ or the perception of energy currents.
Geomancers deal with electromagnetic energy lines which are invisible though perceivable energies. Each and every place contains, or is determined by, a specific energy or quality.

Not sure, where my sparkle is residing #1 /
Sonja Junkers Gallery

16page folding booklet on the occasion of a solo show in Munich.
Gallery Sonja Junkers,
New works from 2008-2010, after the two extensive series / books (cat seen & Born in Brennen) a turn to the autonomous, individual motif, nevertheless in the sense of a thematic collection of terms such as accident / incident, visualising the traces of fragility, injury and uncertainty.

design: Thomas Mayfried
an interview by Sonja Junkers (in german) is linked here.

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