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Sonja Junkers Gallery

16page folding booklet on the occasion of a solo show in Munich.
Gallery Sonja Junkers,
New works from 2008-2010, after the two extensive series / books (cat seen & Born in Brennen) a turn to the autonomous, individual motif, nevertheless in the sense of a thematic collection of terms such as accident / incident, visualising the traces of fragility, injury and uncertainty.

design: Thomas Mayfried
an interview by Sonja Junkers (in german) is linked here.

Sight-_Seeing1 /
Walking the fine line between documentation and fictionalization: seven photographers provide us with a new picture of Tyrol

Editor Wolfgang Scheppe’s book began as an experiment in visual theory in which a combination of theory and production was to lead to new practices in creating images. Participants in the collective process were photographers Michael Danner, Dominik Gigler, Monika Höfler, Verena Kathrein, Jörg Koopmann, Andrew Phelps, and Matthias Ziegler.
Their pictorial atlas of Tyrolean territory attempts to understand the polarization between tourism’s advertising images and the aesthetic standards of contemporary photography, in the hope that new perspectives will develop out of it.

German Photo Book Award in Gold 2012

ISBN 978-3-7757-3018-1

Sight-_Seeing2 /
the second part of a project by Wolfgang Scheppe in cooperation with TirolWerbung

JM Colberg wrote in a review:
“...To be engaged in sightseeing means to be engaged in photographing. Sight-_Seeing 2 is the second photobook of its kinds investigating this process, showcasing the work of a group of photographers working in Tyrol. Just like in the previous book, the result is nothing but amazing. I find myself endlessly fascinated by the slightly different photographic approaches to the landscapes and scenes, and I can’t stop smiling about the fact that professional photographers make such lousy sightseeing photographs. By which I mean that the photographs are not lousy at all, quite on the contrary...  But none of that really matters too much, because the end result is so engaging. The book is designed very smartly and elegantly and the photographs, in part through the way they’re organized, manage to do what pages and pages of theoretical writing so far have failed to achieve: Make us understand photography in ways that is not completely detached from the images in question. Wonderful.

link to W. Scheppe site and a german review for SZ

Walking the fine line between documentation and fictionalization: seven photographers provide us with a new picture of Tyrol.

photographs by
Hansi Herbig, Verena Kathrein, Jörg Koopmann, Regina Recht, Sebastian Schels, Alexander Ziegler; texts by
Gero Günther, Wolfgang Scheppe, Raoul Schrott;
192 pages, Hatje Cantz

Atlas of a global situation

Researching Venice with a global perspective.
Migropolis is two things in one: A survey on the global city using the urban territory of Venice as an exemplary paradigm that makes it possible to anticipate urban escalations to come.
And: An experimental investigation of the means and measures of the spectacle to find out if visual media allow an understanding of society.
A project by W. Scheppe and the IUAV, published by Hatje-Cantz

Cover-photography and a few more images in the books.

ISBN 978-3-7757-2485-2

link to Migropolis

Fixing Shadows
Memorial culture in Hiroshima. The starting point of this photographic strollology is an almost invisible, surprisingly discreet cenotaph, which marks the hypo-center of the devastating atomic explosion of Little Boy, which changed the world on August 6, 1945 just 200 meters above this point. Fixing Shadows is a series that follows symbols and terms to historical traces, observes consternation and tourist self-assurance and describes the inbetween. A meander on an island of memory, in the middle of this city, whose heart beats between trauma and blunt economic functioning.
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