Rudolf Bott – Enduro /
Villa Stuck

In 2018, the Museum Villa Stuck presented a comprehensive retrospective with works by the goldsmith and silversmith Rudolf Bott. The book accompanying the exhibition is a 672-page monumental work. Far from a usual catalog with colorful illustrations, it is "thought in black and white" like the entire exhibition. With a 340-page photo report by Jörg Koopmann and Lene Harbo Pedersen, who photographed the objects across Europe at the lenders and in Bott's studio.

︎Lene Harbo Pedersen

Dank an
Rudolf Bott, Michael Buhrs Design: Bernd Kuchenbeiser/ Philipp Arnold (Design)

Fixing Shadows
Memorial culture in Hiroshima. The starting point of this photographic strollology is an almost invisible, surprisingly discreet cenotaph, which marks the hypo-center of the devastating atomic explosion of Little Boy, which changed the world on August 6, 1945 just 200 meters above this point. Fixing Shadows is a series that follows symbols and terms to historical traces, observes consternation and tourist self-assurance and describes the inbetween. A meander on an island of memory, in the middle of this city, whose heart beats between trauma and blunt economic functioning.
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