Shooting towards perfect liberty /
Picturing architecture and the city

Shooting towards perfect liberty is a series of 21 images from Tondabayashi/ Japan
The photos have 21 (sub)titles that are linked to the 21 precepts that refer to the tower that appears someplace in every single image. The series circles around the worlds tallest cenotaph, a peace memorial that is hardly known anywhere. The Great Peace Prayer Tower, is designated for the souls of all war victims in history, regardless of race, ethnic group, sovereign state, border, region, religion, religious denomination and creed.

Catalog and exhibition:
ZOOM! – Picturing architecture and the city.
Curated by Hilde Strobl,
exhibition at Pinakothek der Moderne Munich and Architecturecenter Vienna,
catalog published by Walther König 2015

Grand Tour 1
An island from another time

The Grand Tour stopover on a special island. Here a reportage about Ikarias, a Greek island to grow really old, way older than in any other region in Europe.
Spending some days in the shade and ask some 90+ agers about how they manage to keep not just hope alive.
A Freitag project in collaboration with Tagesanzeiger Zürich

Grand Tour 2
The worlds narrowest house

We tested a close physical experience at the Keret House in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Jakub Szczęsny. The tiny raised residence 152 cm at its widest, with a total floor area of 14 m². The steel frame structure is squeezed between two existing buildings and is officially designated as an art installation because it does not meet local Warsaw building regulations.

Everyday Obama, Japan.
An essay about this little town with its special name, that for a while placed this unremarkable place differently on the map.
The city's mascot is a cat wearing a mackerel in her tummy bag.

Japan Times 2013:
“The mayor of Obama, Fukui Prefecture, has asked Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to give a lacquered pen to U.S. President Barack Obama as a gift for his second inauguration. Abe will present the red lacquered pen, a local specialty, and a letter from Mayor Koji Matsuzaki when he holds a summit with Obama in Washington next week. Meeting with Abe in Tokyo on Thursday, Matsuzaki also gave the prime minister a pen, but in a different color. “I want (them) to write a line in the new diplomatic history of Japan and the United States,” the mayor told reporters after the meeting in Abe’s office. “I hope our pens will be used when they sign signatures or something.” When Obama became president in 2009, the city sent lacquered chopsticks to him to congratulate him on his inauguration and received a thank-you letter in return.”

Taifun N°19 /
Logical Rain

A Video-contribution to the exhibition by curator W. Scheppe in Dresden. Logical Rain talks about the lost Japanese culture of Katakami printing and the deep rooted connection of Japanese culture to rain as a welcome source of life, rather than the western category of bad weather.
The short Movie Taifun N°19 is about rain, but shot on a specific location on one particular day:
Due to the climate change, a growing number of Taifuns is hitting the Island. While the 19th Taifun of 2014 was crossing the Kansai area, i filmed at the Kyoto Conference Center site, where 1997 the Kyoto Climate Protocol and international treaty to fight global warming was adopted.  
Edited by Lene Harbo Pedersen
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