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Summer 2022 Munich celebrates 50 years post Olympics´72, that changed the city in the most profound way. The cultural department asked me to start following the current life in some relevant historic sites.

Sturm Wartzeck architects
A jubilee publication

A 96 page book to celebrate 25 years of this architect duo based near Fulda. Photographed in team with Lene, we had the pleasure to follow their work, influences and interests for this unusual private architecture publication.
Producer: Volker Zander
Design: Fraser Muggeridge Studio

Rudolf Bott – Enduro /
Villa Stuck

In 2018, the Museum Villa Stuck presented a comprehensive retrospective with works by the goldsmith and silversmith Rudolf Bott. The book accompanying the exhibition is a 672-page monumental work. Far from a usual catalog with colorful illustrations, it is "thought in black and white" like the entire exhibition. With a 340-page photo report by Jörg Koopmann and Lene Harbo Pedersen, who photographed the objects across Europe at the lenders and in Bott's studio.
︎Lene Harbo Pedersen

Dank an
Rudolf Bott, Michael Buhrs Design: Bernd Kuchenbeiser/ Philipp Arnold (Design)

Die Irrfahrten des Jonathan Meese /
Catalog for Pinakothek der Moderne

Curators Swantje Grundler and Bernhard Schwenk asked me to document the whole process of setting up the comprehensive exhibition for the catalog.  Jonathan and his mom Brigitte were the charming center of all actions. In a dense 110 page photoseries i tried to represent the exhibition in all details, and keep Meeses posing routine peripheral. Browse here some paperback spreads and a few extra, unpublished portraits.

Design: Thomas Mayfried
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

Trilogy for the Neighbourwood

C834 Corbusierhaus Berlin
from 26.9.´21

The C834 art space in Berlin is located in the middle of Corbusier's legendary 'living machine', which programmatically followed a scheme of dimensions and proportions that puts human needs at the center of design and architecture. If one looks at this Berlin Unité not as housing but as a condensed living space with a view, Corbusier's thought, which also guided him, opens up : “Residents nevertheless have a share in the 'conditions of nature' - sun, open space, green. This is the modern city: under the sun, in wide open space, in the midst of greenery.”
Standing on the balconies of the C834, surrounded by extensive greenery, still makes these conditions tangible and creates a direct reference to the topics of the exhibitions, which want to visualize our relationship to other elements and organisms.

︎Lene Harbo Pedersen
link to C834

Birds, the first part of the trilogy, is a complex, light and subtle analysis of art with, for, about and by birds.

Björn Braun
Denise Scott Brown
Nicolò Degiorgis & Audrey Solomon
Daniela Friebel
Heinroth archive
Jochen Lempert
Angelica Mesiti
Eadweard Muybridge
Peter Piller
David Shrigley
Guillaume Simoneau
Edward Summerton
Mark Steinmetz
Cemre Yeşil &
Maria Sturm

The Outcome of the pattern /
Lothringer13 Halle

The Outcome of the pattern 1+2
1 – ongoing
Oona Doherty & Luca Truffarelli / Hayahisa Tomiyasu
curated by Jörg Koopmann
2 – altering
A small Salon for tiny and big creatures and creations
curated by Lene Harbo Pedersen
& in the wintergarden: Ann Noel / everyedition : YOU
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