In aller Öffentlichkeit 2022/23

Sent out to document the usage of public spaces within Munich city. Produced for the annual exhibition in the Rathausgalerie Munich, comissioned by the Plantreff, the department for urban planning and building regulations.
The show included 27 of my motives, including a 17 meter long panorama print.

Exhibition design by Sebastian Klawitter and Laura Bruns.

Wir forschen weiter
Interpharma CH
WIRZ Agency Zurich

Although the pharmaceutical industry enjoys a good reputation in Switzerland, it is still sometimes perceived as faceless and calculating. The fact that it is people, and not nameless robots, who research day and night to defeat diseases with new drugs and therapies is often forgotten.That's why the campaign focuses precisely on these people.14 researchers were photographed in their usually less glamorous working environment. The images take an unvarnished look behind the scenes of the research-based pharmaceutical industry.

poster campaign and website

Navy Blue 2022
Oona Doherty

The latest work of choreographer Oona Doherty premiered summer 2022 in Hamburg and is touring the world.
I visited the beautiful diverse group of twelve dancers of Navy Blue in Paris for quick portraits off-stage.
The b/w sequence reenacts the twelve individual moments of ´being shot`, which mark the music transition from the Sergeï Rachmaninoff to the Jamie xx part.

Tilted Tirol /
Ganz schön schräg

For the Summer 2023 issue of My Tirol magazine, following the theme “Eigen”(peculiar things and identity), I proposed and photographed a photoessay about how life is a creative struggle, shaped by a life on the hillside, as a sloping Tyrolian normality. 
The Magazine is created with Nansen Picard Agency in Munich and TW Innsbruck.

ECM 2022

Non-sports photography...
The European Championships Munich 2022 went down in the history books as the biggest multi-sport event in Germany since the 1972 Olympic Games, uniting the existing European championships of nine spectacular sports under one roof. (4,024 athletes from 50 nations)

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