the nu archive of
Jörg Koopmann

Summer 2022 Munich celebrates 50 years post Olympics´72, that changed the city in the most profound way. The cultural department asked me to start following the current life in some relevant historic sites.

Born in Brennen
book with a beard N°2

Koopmann´s second monograph explores the critical and humane conditions existing between the poles of protest and routine in a globalized landscape. Photographs  document hastily improvised crowd control barricades and security reinforcements, frumpy camouflage draped over doorways and stairwells, sullen protestors and armored troops at glogab summits. Shot between 2001 and 2009, Born in Brennen features photographic essays shot across the globe, punctuated by conversation, fragments and correspondance with a number of contemporaries…

Design: Thomas Mayfried
ISBN 978-3-00-027707-8

182 photos, 320 pages 

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