1972 – 2022 – 2072
Kunst und Gesellschaft
Von der Kunst für die Olympischen Spiele in München 1972 zu künstlerischen Gestaltungskonzepten des 21. Jahrhunderts.

Die Publikation vermittelt erstmals Eindrücke vom spielerischen, partizipativen Kulturprogramm von 1972 in Bild und Text. Der Mittelteil ist ein 42-seitiges Fotoessay mit meinen Bildern des Kunstfestivals 2022.
Der zweite Teil des Buchs vereint eine Vielzahl von Stimmen aus aller Welt und richtet den Blick in die Zukunft.

published by Elisabeth Hartung/Anton Biebl
@Hatje Cantz Verlag
352 pages


Pushing Patiently

A new photobook, 51 single images, chosen for a permanent unpublic show in Munich and now published to gather these motives in one book.
No linear or bigger framework, a narrative in each single image and threads and traces that connect these photos, if that is wished for.
All photographed within a bit more than one year, 2022.

KellerMaurer Design
124 pages
51 images
printrun 168+ 40ap
edition of 8 with signed print
smells funny books /Munich


The full Lothringer13 booklet box

Documenting 6 years of the program at Lothringer13 Halle Munich, 2014-2020, during a period where i was artistic director and curator, i also documented the exhibitions and events. The now published box gathers in total 16 original or re-edited/translated exhibition booklets and two new extra ones for an overview. The homepage will still be online, but its a good feeling to have this edition of printed documentation about these enriching years. 
The box is now available in a 
very small edition, email me if you are interested.
It is very affordable and has over 600 pages! 

Design: Mayfried/Grundler

the archive link
(most can´t find it on the current website of L13)

Not sure, where my sparkle is residing #1 /
Sonja Junkers Gallery

16page folding booklet on the occasion of a solo show in Munich.
Gallery Sonja Junkers,
New works from 2008-2010, after the two extensive series / books (cat seen & Born in Brennen) a turn to the autonomous, individual motif, nevertheless in the sense of a thematic collection of terms such as accident / incident, visualising the traces of fragility, injury and uncertainty.

design: Thomas Mayfried
an interview by Sonja Junkers (in german) is linked here.

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