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A new, sporty folder with historic photos is up, as Tokyo 2020 pauses for 2 weeks before the Paralympics start...
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Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) /
Liegames 2011

Last day of Toyko 2020/2021 Olympics is a good occasion to upload a small Olympic version that I photographed 10 years ago in Liechtenstein. The charming amateur version of an international sportsevent... 
There are nine members of the European Olympic Committees with fewer than one million inhabitants. 
Usually these countrys have no chance to win any Olympic Medal, though now in Tokyo the 5 Athletes from San Marino won 3 Medals.
Upon initiative by the NOC of Malta, in 1985 the Association launched the first edition of the Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE), which was organised in San Marino. Since then, this multi sports event reserved for the athletes from 9 european countries with less than one million inhabitants, has taken place regularly every two years, with growing success.

From A to B /
Bridges in Tirol

For the Summer 2021 issue of My Tirol magazine, following “New Ways” I propsed, researched and photographed a story about the useful architectures called bridges.
The Magazine is created with Nansen Picard Agency in Munich and TW Innsbruck.

Sturm Wartzeck architects
A jubilee publication

A 96 page book to celebrate 25 years of this architect duo based near Fulda. Photographed in team with Lene, we had the pleasure to follow their work, influences and interests for this unusual private architecture publication.
Producer: Volker Zander
Design: Fraser Muggeridge Studio

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