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Currently the new work of choreographer Oona Doherty is touring europe, and i had the chance to photograph the 12 dancers of Navy Blue. A flickering preview of the particular shot moment each staged for my camera. bang!  More soon.
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ECM 2022

Non-sports photography...
The European Championships Munich 2022 went down in the history books as the biggest multi-sport event in Germany since the 1972 Olympic Games, uniting the existing European championships of nine spectacular sports under one roof. (4,024 athletes from 50 nations)

Olympic Spielstrasse reloaded

A documentary essay.
Contemporary art played an important role in the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games in Munich. While the major Olympic sporting event 1972 was enriched by the progressive “Spielstraße” cultural festival, in 2022 national and international artists of all genres  realized performances, actions, films, concerts, dance, and installations around the Olympic Lake at the invitation of the City of Munich’s cultural department.

Munich Olympic traces

Before Munich celebrated 50 years post Olympics´72, 
the cultural department asked me to start 2021 to follow the current life in some relevant historic sites. A photographic warmup for a following year of an annicersary overkill...

Thanks to Elisabeth Hartung

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