Verena Kathrein

Verena Kathrein published her portrait series of 106 public transport chauffeurs in Munich and invited me to contribute a short text for her book.
“Drei Kurzstrecken” (three short routes) is a free ride, a detour via Myazakis catbus and Tom Wood heading to Kathreins charming photographs.
Henrike Carl wrote her observations and thoughts about public transport in a second text for Routes.

Fotodoks 2021 /
Henk Wildschut text

Fotodoks – festival for documentary photography.
Happy that Henk Wildschut made it into the selection of the 10th Fotodoks edition.
For the catalog of “A house is a house is a house” i wrote a text about Henk Wildschuts project Rooted.

english translated by Anna Baumann

A 53min audiotalk with Henk Wildschut is linked here ︎

Loop of choices / 
Muthesius Kunsthochschule
WS 20/21

Teaching another semester as guest at Muthesius art-academy in Kiel, Covid19 measures kept us still apart and virtually zoom-connected. 
To keep something direct and tangible, we printed a small edition of a photo-fanzine.

Images by Pablo Esteban Dettmar, Helena Sachs, Annika Reinhard, Mateusz Dworczyk, Clara Schöttke, Irene Janson.
I added a text and one image from deserted Munich...

Fotodoks 2019
Fotodoks – festival for documentary photography.
The new team invited me to write about the wonderful longterm project Jean Jaurès by Gilles Raynaldy.

united states 1 /
on Mark Steinmetz
2017 I had the pleasure to curate the most comprehensive exhibition of the american photographer Mark Steinmetz, in a cooperation with Giulia Zorzi and Lene H. Pedersen.
I wrote this text for the english/german double version booklets.
The exhibition was at Lothringer13 Halle and 2019 at Fotohof Salzburg

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