Ottos Ross kotzt

The Department for Public Appearances – the trio Peter Boerboom,Carola Vogt and Gabriele Obermaier comissioned me to write for the catalog of their recent project past monuments in the context of past statements – Monuments in discussion, Public Art Munich
text in german by Jörg Koopmann, translated by Greta Dunn

Verena Kathrein

Verena Kathrein published her portrait series of 106 public transport chauffeurs in Munich and invited me to contribute a short text for her book.
“Drei Kurzstrecken” (three short routes) is a free ride, a detour via Myazakis catbus and Tom Wood heading to Kathreins charming photographs.
Henrike Carl wrote her observations and thoughts about public transport in a second text for Routes.

Wie bleibt das Alltägliche spannend?
Das K / Podcast

Podcast talk with Lisa Prantl and Klaus Brunner. 33 Minutes talking in german about photographing routines and alpine valleys etc.

Fotodoks 2021 /
Henk Wildschut text

Fotodoks – festival for documentary photography.
Happy that Henk Wildschut made it into the selection of the 10th Fotodoks edition.
For the catalog of “A house is a house is a house” i wrote a text about Henk Wildschuts project Rooted.

english translated by Anna Baumann

A 53min audiotalk with Henk Wildschut is linked here ︎

Loop of choices / 
Muthesius Kunsthochschule
WS 20/21

Teaching another semester as guest at Muthesius art-academy in Kiel, Covid19 measures kept us still apart and virtually zoom-connected. 
To keep something direct and tangible, we printed a small edition of a photo-fanzine.

Images by Pablo Esteban Dettmar, Helena Sachs, Annika Reinhard, Mateusz Dworczyk, Clara Schöttke, Irene Janson.
I added a text and one image from deserted Munich...

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