the nu archive of
Jörg Koopmann

Currently the new work of choreographer Oona Doherty is touring europe, and i had the chance to photograph the 12 dancers of Navy Blue. A flickering preview of the particular shot moment each staged for my camera. bang!  More soon.

Radiant Recuperation / Geomantic places 

A brief filed research into places of particular energies. These hidden spots show traces of rituals of people that have fine antennas and knowledge about invisible powers in nature places, known as geomantic places or Kraftorte.
I walked to some of these spots with my 8x10 inch camera to document some spots around Munich.

Geomancy is an ancient art of discovering power-centres and creating powerful places. The word, geomancy or geomantics, comes from the Greek γέωμάντάίά (geomantaía) meaning „divination of the earth“ or the perception of energy currents.
Geomancers deal with electromagnetic energy lines which are invisible though perceivable energies. Each and every place contains, or is determined by, a specific energy or quality.

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