Trilogy for the Neighbourwood

C834 Corbusierhaus Berlin
from 26.9.´21

The C834 art space in Berlin is located in the middle of Corbusier's legendary 'living machine', which programmatically followed a scheme of dimensions and proportions that puts human needs at the center of design and architecture. If one looks at this Berlin Unité not as housing but as a condensed living space with a view, Corbusier's thought, which also guided him, opens up : “Residents nevertheless have a share in the 'conditions of nature' - sun, open space, green. This is the modern city: under the sun, in wide open space, in the midst of greenery.”
Standing on the balconies of the C834, surrounded by extensive greenery, still makes these conditions tangible and creates a direct reference to the topics of the exhibitions, which want to visualize our relationship to other elements and organisms.

︎Lene Harbo Pedersen
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Birds, the first part of the trilogy, is a complex, light and subtle analysis of art with, for, about and by birds.

Björn Braun
Denise Scott Brown
Nicolò Degiorgis & Audrey Solomon
Daniela Friebel
Heinroth archive
Jochen Lempert
Angelica Mesiti
Eadweard Muybridge
Peter Piller
David Shrigley
Guillaume Simoneau
Edward Summerton
Mark Steinmetz
Cemre Yeşil &
Maria Sturm
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