Mark Steinmetz /
united states 1+2
Lothringer13 Halle 2017
Amerikahaus München 2017
Fotohof Salzburg 2019

The most comprehensive show on the work of the American photographer Mark Steinmetz.

Curated by Jörg Koopmann in cooperation with Lene Harbo Pedersen (Copenhagen)  and Giulia Zorzi (Milano).
With the exhibition Mark Steinmetz united states_1 we presented one of the most remarkable US-American photographers at the Lothringer13 Halle and Fotohof. With this first comprehensive Steinmetz solo-show in Germany and later in Austria, we revere this subtle and insistent artist. Photos of the last three decades and a summary of all to date published twelve photobooks attest the discreetness and poetic vigor that shape his works.
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