the nu archive of
Jörg Koopmann

Currently the new work of choreographer Oona Doherty is touring europe, and i had the chance to photograph the 12 dancers of Navy Blue. A flickering preview of the particular shot moment each staged for my camera. bang!  More soon.

T – My Tirol / Mein Tirol
A magazine for the legendary alpine region in Austria, published twice a year. Created with Nansen Picard Agency in Munich and TW Innsbruck.
I work for Tirol-magazine as director of photography and as photographer for some storys.
Its a pleasure to work with all these excellent photographers like Frank Stolle, Verena Kathrein, Matze Ziegler, Lisa Hörterer, David Schreyer, Thomas Straub, Regina Recht, Dominik Gigler, Ramon Haindl, Lene Harbo Pedersen, Bert Heinzlmeier, Robert Pupeter, Charly Schwarz and many more.

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